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My Story

Movement does matter

Our lives must contain just the right variables of ebb and flow. We move through New York City in a physical manner that requires attention to detail, so that our bodies will be responsive to our environment and will be prepared for both the physical and mental challenges of life in the urban arena. 

I was born in Manila, Philippines. As a child in Manila, I attended a Montessori school and The Lourdes School, an all-boys Catholic school. My background and passion for movement have been my motivation for more than 25 years. As a child and later in life as an adult athlete, my life was filled with experiences in sports. This included the disciplines of boxing, American football, track and field (high jump, javelin, 4x400), and soccer. 

My Family immigrated to New York City on April 20, 1976. We lived in Flushing, Queens where I attended St. Michaels Catholic School. When I was a fourth grade student in 1980, we moved to the suburbs of Evansville, Indiana as my parents, who both worked in advertising, began work for Keller Kressent there. My father labored as a creative and visual artist, working on graphic design and on commercial story boards. My mother worked in the media department, buying advertising space on radio, TV and in print media. 

The move from Flushing to Evansville allowed me to develop differently from many city kids. I learned how to work outside in the yard, and under all conditions, mowing grass, shoveling snow and raking leaves. Physical activity intensified in my life. I could not get enough. I was obsessed with moving and roaming open fields, free to run, to climb trees, and to play in various Evansville environments so different from my earlier experiences in Queens. 

Before I finished middle school, our family relocated once again, this time back to the northeast coast of the United States to Cherry Hill, NJ. In 1983 I was enrolled at Brainerd Middle School, then graduated in 1987 from Cherry Hill High School West. By then, my personal interests had expanded to include creative food preparation, track and field, theater arts, and human behavior. 


I had also become an active participant in the Junior Air Force ROTC, and shortly after my graduation from high school I left for bootcamp with the United States Air Force, where I became a services specialist, focusing on food and billeting services. I served 4 years on active duty, stationed at McConnell Air Force Base, Kansas and then another 6 years with the Air National Guard at McGuire Air Force Base, New Jersey. 


I am a graduate of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy, a performing arts conservatory, and of The New School University in New York City. Professionally, I currently maintain training certifications from NASM and from the CHEK Institute. I am also mentored by Aaron Mattes through the AIS Active Isolated Stretching training program in Sarasota, FL. 

I have had several years of specific training in the use of kettlebells, having completed the RKC (Russian Kettlebell Challenge). Additionally, I have received instruction at both the American Kettlebell Sport Coaching Clinic and the International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation. 


My expertise in boxing, in kickboxing, and in martial arts came from my years as a competitor in these sports while on active duty with the USAF. I also do some culinary coaching, again from my years in the military kitchens serving as an expediter, a line cook, and eventually as a sous chef. I have enjoyed working in the past as both a personal chef and as a banquet chef.

​Today as a health and wellness practitioner, I manage and fully enjoy a versatile, athletic and playful lifestyle. My interests cover a broad spectrum of life, and my curiosity and desire to learn new things have made me a better person and a more successful husband and father. 

Lorenzo Gregorio

ZoBody Wellness Inc.

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